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What is The Sinclair Method (TSM)?

A treatment for alcohol addiction that uses a technique called pharmacological extinction—the use of an opiate blocker to turn habit-forming behaviors into habit-erasing behaviors. The effect returns a person's craving for alcohol to its pre-addiction state.

TSM consists of taking Naltrexone or Nalmefene one hour before your first drink of the day for the rest of your life as long as you continue to drink. Naltrexone (or Nalmefene) chemically disrupts the body’s behavior/reward cycle causing you to want to drink less instead of more. 

Source: C Three Foundation
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I first learned about TSM through Claudia Christian's famous TedTalk and after having battling with alcohol for 10 years, I was in disbelief to learn that there was a medication assisted approach to overcoming alcohol addiction. It felt like a miracle and exactly what I had been searching for.

I started my own TSM journey in August 2017 and in less than one year I had fully overcome my alcohol dependence. I've now landed in a place I never thought I would be–sober, with zero desire for alcohol.

Useful TSM Resources

I share videos documenting my journey on TSM, interviews with others who have been on TSM and tips and tools for navigating TSM.