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TSM Resources

Below you will find useful resources for your TSM journey. This includes where you can find a physician, online TSM meet ups and groups, video support, 1 on 1 support and more.

The Sinclair Method Community

People, resources, courses and coaching. Your community for all things TSM!


List of physicians, helpful documents, information for your doctor, and more

Book: "The Cure for Alcoholism" by  Dr. Roy Eskapa

Drs. Roy Eskapa and David Sinclair of The Sinclair Method have put together a sound scientific book that proves that with this particular method, alcoholism can be cured in more than 78 percent of patients. What’s more, the treatment avoids the dangerous withdrawal symptoms, allowing patients to detox gradually and safely while they are still drinking. This removes the need for expensive and unpleasant inpatient rehabilitation programs. Actual drinking levels and cravings automatically decrease until control over alcohol is restored. The bottom line is that patients can control their drinking or stop altogether with the simple yet powerful process outlined in The Cure for Alcoholism.

Downloadable Resource Documents and Worksheets

TSM Mentoring Sessions with Katie

I work with people as a guide on a peer-to-peer level providing mentorship as they navigate through the Sinclair Method journey of changing their relationship to alcohol, self and life. 


In these sessions, I practice active listening, asking thoughtful questions that allow the individual to tap into their own intuitive guidance for healing and well-being, in addition to providing practical tips for overcoming challenges on TSM.

TSM video resources and interviews with others who have used TSM to overcome alcohol use disorder.