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Early Signs That the Sinclair Method is Working

I recently polled the Sinclair Method Warriors Facebook group to ask people about their experience with the Sinclair Method – and specifically what were the early signs that they knew it was working.

My hope with this article is that it will provide things to look for and forward to when you're on the Sinclair Method.

Here are the responses I received:

Question: What were some of the early signs you experienced where you knew TSM was working?


  1. When a bottle of booze was 90% full the next morning!

  2. Early signs were avoidance of my previous drinks of choice. They did not appeal to me any longer. They tasted different. Later signs included desiring a good night's sleep over becoming intoxicated in the evenings and sleeping like crap. Choosing dinner over drinks was another one. Choosing other habits over drinking alcohol and enjoying them! Early signs happened around 11 months. Later signs around 13 months.

  3. Loss of craving after half a drink.

  4. Change of taste. Stopped day drinking. It mainly had to do with taking the pill twice. And now I don’t enjoy it at all. But, I’m still drinking at night with about only two AF (alcohol free) days per week after over 18 months.

  5. A stopping point - like all of a sudden you're drinking as usual and then this feeling that I don’t want anymore or don’t need anymore happens - and it’s awesome.

  6. When my wine tasted like rubbing alcohol and my partner’s didn’t!

  7. “Forgetting” about my glass of wine sitting on the table for longer than a minute or two during my trigger evening hours.

  8. Being able to walk past a pub without going in!

  9. Choosing food over alcohol.

  10. It would take me an hour to drink a glass of wine instead of 20-30 minutes.

  11. The slow down. I used to pound back shots of straight whiskey and seriously, within the first few nights it stopped. I no longer drink whiskey either! Mixed or otherwise.

  12. I’ll be honest, I NOW enjoy drinking. Because I’m in control. I hate being drunk. Actually I’ve never liked it. But before, I wasn’t in control. I couldn’t stop no matter how hard I tried. Now, I know when enough is enough. Nobody has to tell me...nobody has told me in almost two years. The dreaded, "don’t you think you’ve had enough" is no longer spoken.

  13. Drinking and gagging. Lol.

  14. Focus on other activities as alcohol was not on my mind. The surprise at how much of my brain capacity was back.

  15. Really looking forward to having several drinks after a long hard day and then not even finishing one.

  16. To wake up with no cravings for alcohol due to the medication and how it helps prevent the alcohol deprivation effect. It’s great not to crave the hair of the dog the next day!

  17. Pouring an unfinished drink down the drain.

  18. Cravings down to practically nothing. 1-2 beers almost always more than enough. No desire to binge after the first drink.

  19. The TIME OF THE DAY started later and later!

  20. Could've drank any time in the last 5 days, didn't even want to! It's truly incredible.

  21. Didn’t obsess about getting drunk as much I guess.

  22. I could stop after 2-3 drinks. I also didn't like the taste as much, still the case!

  23. The blackouts stopped for the most part almost immediately, which was awesome.

  24. Pouring out drinks. Shocking.

  25. Wine tasted awful.

  26. I’m not thinking of alcohol all day long. I’m still having cocktails, but not in an uncontrolled way. NAL has given me peace of mind and the faith to know that if I choose to drink I won’t turn into a monster.

  27. Enjoying a cup of coffee in the peace and quiet of the AM rather than recovering from a hangover and asking myself if it’s late enough to start drinking.

  28. Realizing my workday was nearly over and I hadn’t thought of what time I was going to be able to drink - which I used to obsess over.

  29. Instant elimination of weekend breakfast drinking and day drinking.

  30. A new one for me: I told myself I would have an AF (alcohol free) day, and I followed through! What???

  31. I kept going into the kitchen for my next drink, and as I went for the ice I’d notice I hadn’t finished the last one yet!

  32. One word, meh.

  33. Going to bed with an unfinished glass of wine. Wow!!

  34. Finding a [full drink] on the bedside table in the morning after bringing a glass and a good read to bed, and wine left in the bottle too...

Check out The Sinclair Method Community for more support on your TSM journey!
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