Be your own inner coach

Would you be friends with someone who talked to you the way you talk to yourself? What if your thoughts were on a loudspeaker that followed you around? It can be all-too-easy to not value ourselves, to give ourselves a hard time when we f*ck up, or just to view ourselves as unworthy of love, or unworthy of this or that. The unworthy feeling is usually subtle too - we might say we feel worthy but then our thoughts and actions don't match. And when this is the case, we can fall into putting the blame of our unhappiness on others or our circumstances. But it's never about others or our circumstances because within us, we have the ability to triumph and rise above, 100% of the time. We simply have to uncover the truth of who we are and who we want to be - which has been within us all long, and just needs to be invited out to play!!! So, that means we need to be our own god damn inner coach...all the time, 24/7..swatting away dis-empowering thoughts like an annoying mosquito. Get away! And painting a crystal clear picture in our mind of who we want to be. Focus on that, not your annoying mosquito thoughts that will literally never die until you realize you're the master of them. I've learned that first step to living well through TSM is to cultivate an amazing relationship with my SELF. One where I can radically love and accept who I am, right here right now. For me, I started this relationship with my little "childhood Katie" because I know she grew up scared, neglected and feeling unworthy of love... and I realized I was still operating from that place even as a 30-something adult...hence my need to use alcohol to numb, numb, numb! So, I have her pictures all over, and I talk to her when I feel scared, alone, depressed, and even happy, excited and joyful (I tap into joy by tapping into her childlike spirit). In the beginning, it was so much easier for me to love her than love my adult self because she was a cute little innocent child. By starting there, I began to be kinder to myself and I slowly began to love myself more for who I am today. In a lot of ways, I want to make her proud - she had such big dreams that I had neglected during my 10 year alcohol battle. For anyone whose struggled with alcohol, it's likely you haven't loved yourself much, or have even hated yourself. I know that was me for many years. But as soon as we begin to show our magnificence selves some respect, and realize we have value and are worthy simply because we are ALIVE - we begin to treat ourselves differently. We begin to settle less. Feel more joy, grace and ease in life. And we begin to live our greatest potential. And nothing is better than that. With soooo much love, Katie

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