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Changing your relationship to alcohol can be complicated, even with The Sinclair Method (TSM). 


What's great about TSM is that often these changes can be done gradually, in a way that feels gentle, empowering and creates lasting change in a person's relationship to alcohol.


However, for many, alcohol has been intertwined in their lives for so long that making this change can have a ripple effect on many aspects of their lives. Over time, TSM'ers work on so many aspects of themselves–including learning new drinking habits (and breaking the old), discovering new (or rediscovering old) hobbies, identifying self-destructive patterns of behavior, building up healthier coping mechanisms and getting to know themselves in a totally new way.

I believe that the Sinclair Method provides people with the training wheels to become the best version of themselves–to truly transform and create lasting positive change in all areas of their life.  I work with people as a guide on a peer-to-peer level providing mentorship as they navigate through the Sinclair Method journey of changing their relationship to alcohol, self and life. 


In these sessions, I practice active listening, asking thoughtful questions that allow the individual to tap into their own intuitive guidance for healing and well-being, in addition to providing practical tips for overcoming challenges on TSM.


Need guidance but low on finances? Please email me and we can work something out!


"Katie is a very kind and compassionate. She is a good listener and asks good insightful questions. She is not afraid to share her personal experiences and I really appreciated that. I would highly recommend a coaching session with Katie." - M

"It is incredibly rare to find someone with such a high level of empathy, compassion and understanding as Katie. I had one session with Katie and it was nothing short of inspiring. I felt as though I could completely be myself and explain exactly what I was going through - my thoughts, fears, anxieties & personal goals - and knew that I would always be met with thoughtful, constructive and empowering feedback.  Having a counseling session with Katie as well as watching her YouTube videos has been such an instrumental force in my TSM journey. Katie lives to help others and inspire, a true gift." - J

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